Covid-19 Procedures

In order to keep you and our staff safe, we have implemented the following measures:

Social distancing within the practice:

  • Reducing the number of staff members working at the same time
  • Restricted patient access to reception and entry to the practice
  • Staggering of appointments to limit contact with other patient’s entering and leaving the practice, and
    Contactless payment

Safeguarding of all patients and staff entering the practice:

  • Triaging of patients before their appointments
  • Temperature checks on arrival at the practice
  • Wearing of facemasks while in the communal areas of the practice
  • Use of sanitising hand gel and regular handwashing, and Hydrogen Peroxide (1.5%) mouthwash before examinations or treatment


  • Additional PPE measures are being used for staff and patients for routine check-ups and minimally invasive treatment
  • Enhanced PPE is worn by our staff for procedures that create an aerosol. This includes a respirator, fluid resistant masks, fluid resistant gowns and face shield, and
  • A fallow time is allowed between aerosol generating procedures for the aerosol to settle before the treatment room is thoroughly cleaned

Cleaning of the practice:

  • Daily deep cleaning of the practice,
  • Continuous cleaning and sanitising of the practice throughout the day

We have also gone above and beyond and implemented the following measures:

  • Dentair Filtration Devices: DentAir offers the highest levels of air purification for dental practices. Reaching over 99.99% sterilisation rate (Test Data Available Below), this system draws in and filters out harmful bacteria, viruses, dental matter and pathogens, to disperse clean and safe air, quickly and quietly.
  • 3ShapeTrios scanner: The scanner reduces the need for dental impressions that can induce coughing or gagging.
  • Rubber dam: Although not a new technique, it is now being used on a more regular basis to reduce the viral load while undergoing dental treatment.