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Oral Hygiene

Good oral hygiene begins with an effective at-home routine and is complemented with professional cleaning from a hygienist or periodontist.

What can I do to have a healthy mouth?
Keeping a good daily oral cleaning routine is an essential aspect of maintaining a high level of dental health. This includes brushing your teeth at least twice daily using fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride helps to restore lost minerals to your teeth for extra protection from damage and decay. It is also recommended to use interdental cleaning aids such as floss and interdental brushes at least once a day to remove hard-to-reach plaque build-up between teeth.

Why should I see an Oral Hygienist?
Dental hygiene treatments effectively clean your teeth and maintain the health of your mouth and gum tissue. If you have a bridge, denture, orthodontic treatment or a dental implant you will have specific hygiene needs that the hygienist will be able to assist you with.

Why is my oral hygiene so important?
Oral health is vital to our general health. Poor oral health has been linked to serious diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Additionally smoking and stress are related to high risks of gum disease. If you have symptoms of gum disease, your dentist can recommend treatments to help stop and reverse any gum issues.

Does my diet affect my oral health?
Your diet can also improve or worsen your dental hygiene. It is recommended that sugars be limited to meal times and to drink enough water to help stimulate saliva production and wash away food particles.

Fissure Sealants

Deep pits and grooves called fissures, on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, are difficult to clean effectively.

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Fillings do exactly what their name says; they fill in a hole in your tooth with safe dental material.

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Periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease, is one of the leading causes of tooth loss for adults in the UK.

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